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Looking for Romantic Whatsapp Status Video?

Are you looking for Best Romantic Whatsapp Status Video? Then you are at Right Place. Today in this Post, I Show some of the awesome Romantic Status Video that I found around the Internet. And I am sure you gonna Love that Romantic Status Video for Whatsapp.

  1. Lips Kissing Romantic Whatsapp Status Video 💋


 This is a Video of  Film from which a girl named Priya Prakash Warrier got very famous and driven more than 6m followers on her social media. This is and good Whatsapp Romantic status for the person who wants to dedicate a Romantic video to his/her Boyfriend/Girlfriend. if you are in love and also want to impress your crush, you can put this on your Whatsapp Status or Instagram stories. if you are lucky, then you might get a reply from your crush through this status

2. New Love Remix Romantic WhatsApp Status Video

This is a fantastic Subtitled romantic Video song that you can use as your Whatsapp status. With this status, you can dedicate your loved once. You will surely get a reply from your crush or loved once if you post this romantic Whatsapp status on your Whatsapp status. They will ask you to Sent that Whatsapp status to you as well. So make sure you download this Whatsapp status and Impress you’re loved once.

And also, make sure to Recommend Whatsapp Status to your friends.

3. Tere mere Rishte Nu Romantic Whatsapp Status Video


This Romantic status includes the very famous song “Tere mere Rishte nu” this song got famous from the social media platform ‘TikTok.’ You can use this as your Whatsapp Status, and it’s very Good and Romantic. This Romantic Whatsapp video status surely going to make some impact on your loved once. So make sure to use this once on your Whatsapp status or Instagram stories. Let them see how much romantic you are.

4. Dil me ho tum Female Version Romantic Whatsapp Status Video 2020


This status includes Romantic Song named ” Dil me ho tum,” which is a female version, and it’s awe-inspiring and surely makes some impact on viewers. with this status, you can make some route to the heart of your Loved once, so make sure you use this as your Whatsapp status because this Romantic Whatsapp Status video is very amazing. Whatsapp Status Romantic

5. Aankhon ko Teri aadat he Romantic Whatsapp Status video 2020


Romantic Whatsapp Status video ruhani jaya – ShareChat – Funny, Romantic, Videos, Shayari, Quotes

Romantic Whatsapp Status – ruhani jaya – ShareChat

This song ” Aankhon ko Teri aadat ” Really is amazing and touches the soul from the heart. This Whatsapp Romantic Video status is good, and you can dedicate this to your Loved Once. Love Status is also a name you can give to it. This Whatsapp Status Love is amazing, and you should try this once,, and surely your crush will get impressed through this, and you might get a proposal from her. So make this Whatsapp status appear on your Whatsapp status

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