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Odia status video

Odia is the primary spoken language in the state of Odisha. However, it’s not just restricted to just one state. That’s because Odia language is also spoken in parts of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. Did you know that Odia has been designated as one of the classical languages of India owing to its literary history. With a lot of people migrating for work, we can find Odia people in different states of India as well as in different countries in the world. That makes it sweet to download Odia status video and share it among your friends and colleagues. The language of Odia has its roots deep in our country. A fascinating fact is that the earliest known inscription in this language dates back to the 10th century AD! There are over 55 million people who speak Odia language in the world. That number alone is much more than the population of so many countries. Nothing beats conversing and exchanging greetings in our mother tongue, you must agree. You don’t just have to restrict yourself to Hindi or English to update your moods and feelings through WhatsApp status. Odia status video downloads are not just famous among people living in India. That’s because Odia is significantly spoken in eastern countries such as Indonesia and Thailand. The language has also spread to Middle East countries, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Fiji, Malaysia, and Burma. With so many people in the world who understand and speak Odia in different parts of the world, it only becomes obvious that people want to communicate their thoughts and feelings in the language they are comfortable with.  

Different categories of Odia status video download 

Odia people love celebrating the little occasions in their lives by sharing it with their loved ones. For instance, there are numerous festivals celebrated in Odisha. Durga Puja is celebrated for a period of 10 days. The goddess is celebrated in Pandals or Shakti Peethas. During the Navaratri, nine forms of the goddess are worshipped. This is when you can share your excitement and devotion with your contacts. You can download meaningful Odia video status and share it on WhatsApp. This will help your contacts to get a glimpse of your personality. There are plenty of devotional Odia video downloads available at Whatsapp Statuses. You even have the option to choose from plenty of offerings. Kali Puja is yet another festival celebrated to commemorate goddess Kali. Kumar Purnima and Gajalaxmi Puja are not celebrated all over India. It is specifically popular in eastern states such as Odisha. You can update your WhatsApp status and share the joy of the festive celebration with your contacts.  

Sharing BOllywood movies and songs through Odia Status

The Odia film industry is popular as Ollywood. The Odisha film and music industry have given birth to one of the finest talents in the history of music and arts. If you are a movie buff and want to share your excitement or knowledge with the world, then go ahead and download Odia video status that highlights the best aspects of the movie industry. Through your status, you can convey your passion for the film industry and also enlighten your friends about the recent happenings in Ollywood. Music has no language and boundaries. Sharing quality music videos that highlight the best aspects of art can be a great experience for one. Odia video download can be a wonderful way of sharing your taste for good music. Update your WhatsApp status and let the world know how much you adore listening to and sharing great music from the Odia industry. It is all about sharing your innermost persona with your friends and family. A single WhatsApp update can signify a lot about your tastes. It is also a way to greet your contacts and also to share the happenings in your life. You can also convey your wishes on somebody’s birthday or anniversary in your native language through unique Odia status videos.   Go and get your favourite Odia status video and hit download button below to video and share your feelings with your WhatsApp contacts. Tags: odia video download odia status odia status video odia whatsapp status download odia status video download odia whatsapp status

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