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Who is the lyricist of the Man Unad Zalaya Song?

Vijay Bhate and Rahul are already the songwriters for Man Unad Zalaya’s song both of Bollywood’s most prominent names.

Who is the artist of the Man Unad Zalaya Song?

Man Unad Zalaya’s song is sung by Vijay Bhate who is one of Bollywood’s leading singers over the past decade and has released many of the hottest songs in 2019 This is Another Gem for him to be the Big Hit of 2020.

Who are the characters in the song Man Unad Zalaya?

Rajeshwari Kharat and Ashok Dhage starring in this song both have amazing chemistry on screen.

What is the length of the Man Unad Zalaya song? The duration of the song Man Unad Zalaya 3 minutes 54 seconds.

What music owns the Man Unad Zalaya Song? The video gallery has a song and accompanying agreement to promote and brand the brand.

Lots of video views of Man Unad Zalaya Song Lyrics on YouTube?

Man Unad Zalaya Song lyrics video has 235k views on YouTube as of 30-6-2020.

How many like and dislike a song?

Man Unad Zalaya song Lyrics has 3.2k like and 138 dislikes for the song as of 30-6-2020. Man Unad Zalaya is a great song that will be the Big hit of 2020.

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