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    FSc Part-1 Biology Guess and  Important Topic 11th Biology
    FSc Half-1 Biology Guess and Chapter Clever Essential Subjects

    Chapter No: 1

    • Bio within the service of mankind well being,meals,setting.
    • Organic methodology.

    Chapter No: 2

    • Carbohydrates
    • Lipids
    • Degree of Proteins

    Chapter No: 3

    • Issue affecting price response.

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    Chapter No: 4

    • P.Membrane
    • Golgi equipment
    • Cytoskeletion
    • Lysosomes,
    • Mitochondrin
    • Plastid

    Chapter No: 5

    • 5 kingdom system
    • Life cycle part
    • virus
    • AIDS

    Chapter No: 6

    • Construction of bacterial cell
    • Diet of Bact.

    Chapter No: 8

    • Diet
    • Replica
    • Basidiomycota
    • Imppenance of fungi.

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    Chapter No: 9

    • Anthoceropsidia
    • Evolution seed & leaf
    • Life cycle
    • Adiantum
    • Angiosperms
    • significance of Rosaea
    • Solanaceae
    • poaceae

    Chapter No: 10

    • Protostomes & Deuterostomes
    • Parasitic Adaptation
    • Platyhelminthes Mollusca
    • Chordate Characters

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    Chapter No: 11

    • Mild
    • Dar response
    • kreb cycle
    • Glycolysis

    Chapter No: 12

    • Diet insectivorous vegetation
    • Abdomen
    • Absorption of meals

    Chapter No: 14

    • Ascent Sap
    • Blood
    • Lymphatic system
    • Transpiration
    • Comparability Open & shut system

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